10-Minute Weight-Loss Yoga Sequence To Remove All Extra Fat From Your Body

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If you are very lazy person to wake up and do workout, this information might be useful for you. Neeta Sharma, yoga teacher Art Of Living shared a 10 minute weight-loss yoga sequence, that can you can easily do and it will remove all extra fat from your body.

Chair pose

Utkatasana or the chair pose may look complicated, but it is easier to master than you think. It will work your core, thighs and glutes and give you strong legs. Do ten repetitions of this holding for five breaths. It will take you approximately 3 minutes to complete all the repetitions.

Adho mukha svanasana

Adho mukha svanasana or the downward facing dog challenges your balance and strength while toning your arms, shoulders, back hips and legs. Stay in the downward facing dog for a minute while breathing normally and focussing on your breath.

Plank pose

Kumbhakasana or plank pose is a classic yoga pose that tones your entire body while helping you burn a lot of calories. Just try to hold the asana for a minute and you will feel the burn. Remember to breathe normally while you are in the pose.

Bridge pose

Setubandhasana or the bridge pose may seem intimidating, but you can perform it quickly. Do five repetitions of the pose holding up to five breaths. You will be able to complete it in 2 minutes.

Sitting forward bend

Paschimottanasana or the sitting forward bend will work your core thighs and legs simultaneously. Hold the position up to 10 breaths and repeat it thrice to get the maximum benefits out of the pose.

Child’s pose

Balasana or the child’s pose: The last one minute just relax in balasana or the child’s pose. This exercise will help release tension from your entire back while working on your core and back muscles.

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