15 30-Day Fitness Challenges You can Try To Achieve

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Not setting a goal to reach or a challenge to achieve is a common mistake people who start to work out are doing. Without a plan for your workout, you will feel discouraged after a short time, and then you will give up doing workouts.

When having a clear goal and plan, you will be motivated all the time, and you will feel like you are challenging yourself and pushing yourself to the limit, so that you can reach the goal you set before, and as a result you will have a huge improvement in your fitness and your body shape. Here are some of the best 30-day fitness challenges that you can use to motivate yourself.

1. 30 Day Butt & Gut Workout Challenge

2. 30-Day Plank

3. 30 Day Squat

4. 30-Day Summer Abs Challenge

5. 30 Day Arm Challenge

6. 30-Day Stronger Knees Challenge

7. 30 Day Core Challenge

8. 30 Day Leg Challenge

9. 30-Day Push-Up Challenge

10. 30 Day Jumping Jacks Challenge

11. 30-Day Dumbbell Challenge

12. 30-Day Walking Challenge

13. 30 Day Burpee Challenge

14. 30 Day Sit Up Challenge

15. 30-Day Strength-Building Challenge

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